>  L4 Strength and Conditioning Coach 
>  REPS L3 Personal Trainer
>  REPS L2 Gym Instructor 
>  L1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
>  Advanced Diploma in Sport and Exercise Nutrition​
>  Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Personal Achievements
​>  Completed Mallorca312 in 12hrs49mins in 2018
>  Represented GB in UCI Road Cycling Amateur World Championships 2015
>  3hrs10 in London Marathon 2013
Strength Training for cyclists
I practice what I preach and I am dedicated to achieving my goals. I started sports through running, where I started training for 10 km and then I got a place for London Marathon. I was surprised to complete my first marathon in 3h30. I loved running and continued training to beat my time. Unfortunately, at that time, I knew very little about training other than my commitment to it. After aiming for less than 3 hours for the marathon, I received injuries. These injuries forced me to adopt cycling and strength training.  

I have experienced how strength training has benefited me as an athlete. It has promoted less recovery time between training, improved performance, flexibility and improvements in v02 max. I have dedicated time into studing strength and conditioning,  I am passionate about continuously learning from scientific research and working with my clients.

Although I still enjoy the conscious benefits of running, I have learned to respect the limits of my body. I am working to reach 100 kg in a squat and like to set myself new chllenges in cycling. 

Personal Trainer Palma